Apprenticeship Training Scheme

In India, the system of formal Apprenticeship was introduced in the Apprentices Act 1961, which requires employers in notified Industry to engage apprentices in specified ratios in relation to the workforce. The programme of training of Apprentices is regulated in the Industries so as to confirm to the prescribed syllabi / approved programme, period of training etc. as laid down by the Central Apprenticeship Council.

Coverage of Industry Establishments under Apprentices Act

It is obligatory on the part of employers both in Public and Private Sector establishments to engage apprentices in the band of 2.5% to 15 % of the total strength of the workers including contract workers as per the rule. It covers employers having requisite training infrastructure as laid down in the Act to engage apprentices. The ITI pass-outs are engaged as Apprentices in the following category of Industries having workers strength of 4 or more workers on voluntary basis and 30 or more workers on mandatory basis.

1. Central Government Departments and Central Public Sector Undertakings
2. State Government Departments and State public Sector Establishments, and
3. Private Industries

In Tamil Nadu, Apprenticeship Training Scheme is implemented in 3199 industries including Government Establishments like, Tami Nadu Electricity Board, Transport Corporations, TWAD Board, PWD, etc.

Implementing Agency

The Director of Employment and Training is the State Apprenticeship Adviser under the Act and he is responsible for the implementation of this Act in the State Government Establishments and State public Sector Establishments, and also in Private Industries which are functioning in 3 States. Whereas, Regional Directorate of Apprenticeship Training, Chennai, Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Government of India will look after the Central Government Establishments, Central Public Sector Undertakings and Private Industries which are functioning in 4 or more states in our country.

Central ¬Apprenticeship Council

Central Apprenticeship Council (CAC) is an Apex statutory body to advise the Government of India on laying down of policies and prescribing norms and standards in respect of Apprenticeship Training Scheme (ATS).




The expenditure on stipend for apprentices is borne by the employers as per the provisions of the Act. The minimum rates of stipend are as follows:

(a) School pass-outs (class 5th - 9th ) : Rs.5000/ per month
(b) School pass-outs (class 10th) : Rs.6000/ per month
(c) School pass-outs (class 12th) : Rs.7000/ per month
(d) National or State certificate holder : Rs.7000/- per month

Basic Training Provider (BTP)

Basic Training Provider (BTP) is an entity who has the facilities for imparting basic training to apprentices. Various types of BTPs are:

1. Government & Private Industrial Training Institutes
2. Industries/Establishments with in-house basic training facilities.
3. BTP set up / supported by Industry Clusters/Industry Associations.

Director, Regional Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (RSDE) is the approving authority for Basic Training Providers. So far 399 BTPs have been approved and 142 Apprentices are undergoing training in BTPs.

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District Skill Training Office

Apprenticeship Training (ATS) is implemented in 111 designated trades in Tamilnadu State through 38 District Skill Training Offices located at district head quarters of all districts. All India Trade Test under this Scheme is conducted during April and October every year. After completion of prescribed training period and passing of trade test, apprentices are issued National Apprenticeship Certificate (NAC). In our State Apprenticeship Training Scheme is being implemented in 2414 Industrial Establishments which includes 1773 Private and 641 State Government Establishments. Also, 105 Central Government Establishments imparting ATS in our State.

The Government of India has launched Apprentice Protsahan Yojana scheme on 16.10.14. Under this scheme 50% of stipend payable to maximum two apprentices per MSME will be borne by Central Government.

Technical Inspection of Private ITIs, Inspection of training at the Training Providers under Tamil Nadu Skill Development Corporation to be done by District Skill Training Office - Assistant Directors

S.No District District Skill Training Office Name of Assistant Director Assistant Director - CUG Number
1 Coimbatore Coimbatore AD Mrs.R.T.Rajeswari 9499055687/9600979700
2 The Nilgiris Erode (Nilgiris) AD Mr.C.Venkatakrishnan 9499055702/8124712445
3 Erode Erode (Nilgiris) AD Mrs.Varalmathi 9499055702/8754495829
4 Karur Namakkal (Karur)AD Mr.Parthiban 9499055842/9443328279
5 Tiruppur Tiruppur AD Mr.Jayakumar 9499055695/9443471164
6 Chennai Chennai AD Mr.R.Ravindhran 9499055648/9444235163
7 Tiruvallur Tiruvallur AD Mr.K.Sasidharan 9499055663/9444296006
8 Kancheepuram Kancheepuram AD Mr.R.Ravindran 9499055672/9444235163
9 Vellore Vellore AD Mr.V.Srinivasan 9499055675/9843890557
10 Madurai Madurai AD Mr.K.Karnan 9499055748
11 Dindigul Dindigul (Theni) AD Mrs.M.Stellamary 9499055760/8838522077
12 Theni Dindigul (Theni) AD Mr.P.Senthil Kumar 9499055760/9443153291
13 Ramanathapuram Ramanathapuram AD Mr.S.Ramesh Kumar 9499055772/9786143887
14 Sivagangai Sivagangai AD Mr.A.Murugan 9499055781/9942893440
15 Salem Salem AD Mr.S.V.Eswaran 9499055827/9786143887
16 Dharmapuri Tiruvannamalai (Dharmapuri) AD Mr.A.Dhanageerthi 9499055871
17 Krishnagiri Krishnagiri AD Mr.H.Sugumar 9499055837/9677672568
16 Namakkal Namakkal (Karur) AD Mr.Parthiban 9499055842/9443328279
19 Trichy Trichy AD Mrs.Ismath Banu 9499055715/9688693974
20 Thanjavur Thanjavur AD Mr.S.Rajendiran 9499055725/9442215972
21 Pudukottai Pudukottai AD Mr.S.Kumaresan 9499055732/9443164841
22 Nagapattinam Nagapattinam (Tiruvarur) AD Mrs.S.Senthil Kumari 9499055737/9499055737
23 Tiruvarur Nagapattinam (Tiruvarur) AD Mrs.S.Senthil Kumari 9499055737/9499055737
24 Tirunelveli Tirunelveli AD Mr.T.George Franklin 9499055790/9585603363
25 Kanniyakumari Kanniyakumari AD Mr.T.George Franklin 9499055790/9585603363
26 Thoothukudi Thoothukudi AD Mrs.J.Angel Vijaya Nirmala 9499055809/9486471225
27 Virudhunagar Virudhunagar AD Mr.S.Subashchandrabose 9499055816/
28 Villupuram Villupuram AD Mr.Siva Natarajan 9499055849/9944584989
29 Cuddalore Cuddalore AD Mr.Paramasivam 9499055861/8667411696
30 Tiruvannamalai Tiruvannamalai AD Mr.K.Ravi 9940729509/
31 Perambalur Perambalur AD Mr.Selvam 9499055876/9488451405
32 Ariyalur Ariyalur AD Mr.Selvam 9499055876/9488451405
33 Kallakuruchi Kallakuruchi AD Mr.Siva Natarajan 9499055849/9944584989
34 Tenkasi Tenkasi AD Mr.T.George Franklin 9499055790
35 Thirupathur Thirupathur AD Mr.H.Sukumar 9499055837/9677672568
36 Ranipet Ranipet AD Mr.V.Srinivasan 9499055675
37 Chengelpattu Chengelpattu AD Mr.R.Ravindran 9499055672
38 Mayiladuthurai Mayiladuthurai AD Mr.S.Rajendran 9499055725

Placement Cell

Placement Cells are functioning at each Industrial training Institute for the benefit of the Trainees

The Placement cell is consitituted by the Chairman - Principal with the following members - Placement Officer ( Training Officer / Assistant Training Officer )

Campus Interviews are conducted by the various companies with the help of Placement Cell and most of the trainees are selected for Employment by various companies throughout Tamil Nadu

Tracking Passed out trainees Placement and salary details

S.No District ITI Name Placement Officer CUG No
1 Coimbatore Govt ITI Coimbatore 9499055690
2 Coimbatore Govt ITI Coimbatore (Women) 9499055692
3 Coimbatore Govt ITI ST Anaikatti 9499055694
4 Tiruppur Govt ITI Tiruppur 9499055697
5 Tiruppur Govt ITI Dharapuram 9499055699
6 Tiruppur Govt ITI Udumalaipet 9499055701
7 Erode Govt ITI Erode 9499055704
8 Erode Govt ITI Gobichettypalayam 9499055706
9 Nilgiris Govt ITI Coonoor 9499055708
10 Nilgiris Govt ITI ST Gudalur 9499055710
11 Karur Govt ITI Karur 9499055712
12 Chennai Govt ITI Guindy 9499055650
13 Chennai Govt ITI Guindy (Women) 9499055652
14 Chennai Govt ITI North Chennai 9499055658
15 Chennai Govt ITI RK Nagar 9499055660
16 Chennai Govt ITI Tiruvanmiyur 9499055662
17 Tiruvallur Govt ITI Ambattur 9499055667
16 Tiruvallur Govt ITI Ambattur (Women) 9499055669
19 Tiruvallur Govt ITI Vadakarai 9499055671
20 Kancheepuram Govt ITI Chengalpattu 9499055712
21 Kancheepuram Govt ITI Perumbakkam 9962986696
22 Vellore Govt ITI Vellore 9499055677
23 Vellore Govt ITI Arakkonam 9499055680
24 Vellore Govt ITI Ranipet 9499055682
25 Vellore Govt ITI Vaniyambadi 9499055684
26 Madurai Govt ITI Madurai 9499055752
27 Madurai Govt ITI Madurai (Women) 9499055754
28 Madurai Govt ITI Chekkanurani 9499055759
29 Dindigul Govt ITI Dindigul 9499055762
30 Dindigul Govt ITI Dindigul (Women) 9499055764
31 Theni Govt ITI Theni 9499055766
32 Theni Govt ITI Bodi 9499055769
33 Theni Govt ITI Andipatti (Women) 9499055771
34 Ramanathapuram Govt ITI Ramanathapuram 9499055774
35 Ramanathapuram Govt ITI Paramakudi 9499055778
36 Ramanathapuram Govt ITI Mudukulathur 9499055780
37 Sivagangai Govt ITI Sivagangai 9499055783
38 Sivagangai Govt ITI Karaikudi 9499055785
39 Salem Govt ITI Salem 9499055830
40 Salem Govt ITI Salem (Women) 9499055834
41 Salem Govt ITI Metturdam 9499055832
42 Salem Govt ITI ST Karumandurai 9499055836
43 Krishnagiri Govt ITI Hosur 9499055839
44 Dharmapuri Govt ITI Dharmapuri 9499055841
45 Namakkal Govt ITI Namakkal 9499055844
46 Namakkal< Govt ITI ST Kolli Hills 9499055846
47 Trichy Govt ITI Trichy 9499055716
48 Trichy Govt ITI Pullambadi (Women) 9499055722
49 Trichy Govt ITI Manikandam 9499055724
50 Trichy Govt ITI Trichy Prison 9499055720
51 Thanjavur Govt ITI Thanjavur 9499055727
52 Thanjavur Govt ITI Orathanadu 9499055729
53 Thanjavur Govt ITI Thiruvaiyaru 9499055731
54 Pudukottai Govt ITI Pudukottai 9499055734
55 Pudukottai Govt ITI Viralimalai 9499055785
56 Nagapattinam Govt ITI Nagapattinam 9499055739
57 Nagapattinam Govt ITI Thirukkuvalai 9499055741
58 Nagapattinam Govt ITI Sembodai 9443678906
59 Thiruvarur Govt ITI Needamangalam 9499055743
60 Thiruvarur Govt ITI Kottur 9499055745
61 Tirunelveli Govt ITI Tirunelveli Pettai 9499055793
62 Tirunelveli Govt ITI Ambasamudram 9499055795
63 Tirunelveli Govt ITI Tenkasi 9499055797
64 Tirunelveli Govt ITI Veerakeralampudur 9499055799
65 Tirunelveli Govt ITI Kadayanallur 9499055801
66 Tirunelveli Govt ITI Radhapuram 9499055803
67 Virudhunagar Govt ITI Virudhunagar 9499055820
68 Virudhunagar Govt ITI Aruppukottai 9499055822
69 Virudhunagar Govt ITI Sattur 9499055824
70 Thoothukudi Govt ITI Thoothukudi 9499055811
71 Thoothukudi Govt ITI Tiruchendur 9499055813
72 Thoothukudi Govt ITI Veppalodai 9499055815
73 Thoothukudi Govt ITI Nagalapuram 9499055817
74 Kanniyakumari Govt ITI Nagercoil 9499055806
75 Kanniyakumari Govt ITI Nagercoil (Women) 9499055808
76 Villupuram Govt ITI Ulundurpet 9499055851
77 Villupuram Govt ITI ST Sankarapuram 9499055853
78 Villupuram Govt ITI Tindivanam 9499055856
79 Villupuram Govt ITI Chinna Salem 9499055860
80 Cuddalore Govt ITI Cuddalore 9499055863
81 Cuddalore Govt ITI Cuddalore(Women) 9499055865
82 Cuddalore Govt ITI Chidambaram 9499055867
83 Cuddalore Govt ITI Kattumannarkoil 9499055870
84 Tiruvannamalai Govt ITI Tiruvannamalai 9499055873
85 Tiruvannamalai Govt ITI Jamunamarathur 9499055875
86 Ariyalur Govt ITI Ariyalur 9499055878
87 Ariyalur Govt ITI Andimadam 9499055880
88 Perambalur Govt ITI Perambalur 9499055882
89 Perambalur Govt ITI Alathur 9499055884

National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS)

This scheme aims to promote apprenticeship training and increase the engagement of apprentices in industries. Under this Scheme, the apprentices and Industries / Institutions are incentivized by Central Government as below:

(i) Sharing of 25% of prescribed stipend, subject to a maximum of Rs.1,500/- per month per apprentice.
(ii) Sharing the cost of basic training with Basic Training Providers (BTP), limited to Rs.7,500/- for a maximum of 500 hours / three months.

Apart from ITI trainees, trainees who have completed short term courses through Tamil Nadu Skill Development Corporation (TNSDC) / National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) / Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) and candidates who possess minimum educational qualifications are engaged as apprentices.

Freshers as apprentices in Establishments

Many amendments and reforms have been introduced under this scheme to achieve the national target of 50 Lakh apprentices cumulatively by 2020. One of the major reforms is inducting freshers as apprentices with the qualification of 8th Std, 10th Std, 12th Std passed without any prior training in both designated and optional trades. Only criterion to engage as apprentice is that the candidate must have completed 14 years of age.