Skill Competition

Skill Competition

Tamilnadu State Skill Competition

State skill competition is conducted every year in 18 trades at the state level with a view to foster the spirit of healthy competition among the trainees of Industrial Training Institutes. The State best trainee in each trade is awarded with a cash prize of Rs.25,000/- each and a Merit Certificate.

All India Skill Competition

All India Skill Competition is conducted every year by Government of India in 15 trades. The State best trainee in each of the 15 trades from all the states compete at the All India Skill Competition. The best trainee at All India level in each trade is given a cash prize of Rs.50,000/-and a merit certificate by Government of India. The best State whose trainees secure the highest total marks among all the trades is awarded a merit certificate and a running shield medal by Government of India. Out of 50 All India Skill Competitions held so far, Tamil Nadu alone has been declared as the Best State 22 times. So far, 34 Students were benefited.

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