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Recognition for Industrial Schools under SCVT



Industrial Schools

The History of Industrial Schools dates back to 1842 when the first Industrial school, attached to the Gun Carriage Factory was established at Guindy, Madras, in 1842, to train craftsmen, artisans and sub-overseers who were recruited locally. The necessity of Industrial Schools being to make these craftsmen and artisans more efficient by giving them elementary lessons in reading, writing, arithmetic, geometry and mechanics. The established Industrial schools were attached to Ordnance Factories and other engineering establishments. Industrial Schools in Tamil Nadu, impart Vocational Training in 9 Engineering Sectors and 6 Non-engineering Sectors. Training is imparted in 30 Engineering, 26 Non-Engineering and 01 Technical Teachers Course (TTC). Industrial Schools in the state are recognized by the Department of Employment and Training, Government of Tamil Nadu, under the State Council of Vocational Training (SCVT). Depending upon the course, the training period ranges from one year to three years. Candidates with 8th pass and 10th pass qualification are admitted for training. The minimum eligible age is 14 years and maximum age limit is 40 years. Common Examinations are conducted by this Department in the month of June every year and SCVT Certificates are issued to successful trainees.


Tailor Made Courses

Industrial School courses are designed and developed taking into consideration the skill needs of the state.


Industry Connect

Industry oriented Advanced courses suited for the local job market.


Job Oriented

Coures are optimised to suit the vocational needs of the Industry and the trainee.


Qualification 8th Pass

The minimum entry level qualification is fixed as 8th pass for mot of the courses to accomodate the school drop outs.

Sectors, Trades and Syllabus

Engineering Sectors & Non-Engineering Sectors

Courses in the following Sectors can be chosen



The duration of the courses in Automobile sector varies from 1 year to 2 years. In automobile sector, students will gain academic as well as job oriented practical knowledge in the automobile sector. The basic entry qualification for all the courses in Automobile sector is 8th Pass.

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Carpentry, is the art and trade of cutting, working, and joining timber. The following courses are offered in this sector.

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The Electrical sector offers the following 1 year course.

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Special Machines

The Special Machines sector covers the following trades

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Welding is the process of joining metals and thermoplastics using high heat, pressure, and metallic rods. Welders also join parts being manufactured, build structures, repair damaged parts, and join structural steel and metal in vessels, piping, and other components. Welding sector accomodates the following trades.

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Surveyor sector is an executive/working surveying vocational trade. One trade with a duration of one year is offered.

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The Civil sector offers the following courses.

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Catering and Hotel Management

Catering and hotel management are key facets of the hospitality industry. For a hotel to run smoothly, catering and hotel managers must supervise employees and monitor the services that guests expect and enjoy. The following courses are offered.

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The Industrial School courses in computer sector offers courses to train students for industrial work. These courses teach students about computer hardware, software, database management, data entry, browsers, and email.

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The printing industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in India. There are many job opportunities for printing assistants and technicians. The following courses are offered.

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Application Categories

The Online application for starting new Industrial Schools, extension of recognition, additional units, new courses in existing Industrial school and new courses in NCVT ITIs will be available every year during the month of January..

Industrial Schools

Fees Details for Recognition

Application Fees


₹ 5000

For all applied trades inclusive

More Details

No Refundable!

Inspection Fees


₹ 8000

For inspecting the Industrial Schools

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Non Refundable!

Nationalised Bank

Joint Deposit


₹ 250000

In the name of The Director of Employment and Training and the Correspondent, Name of IS with full address

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General Guidelines

Online Application

  • Online Applications for starting new Indutrial Schools, obtaining continuous recognition, starting new units / additional units in already recognized Industrial schools are invited through through website for the academic year 2024-2025, from 02.01.2024. Last date to apply is 29.02.2024.
  • A Industrial school must submit only one online application. All the necessary details for all new units / additional units to be applied for should be given in one application only. If more than one application is submitted by the same Industrial school, all applications will be rejected.
  • As per Government Order (Status) No.91, Labor Welfare and Skill Development (S.2) Department, Dated 11.07.2022, Submission of Application, Application Fee, Inspection Fee and Joint Deposit Amount has been determined as follows.
  • Application – Submission through Industrial School online portal: January 2nd 2024 to February 29th 2024
  • Inspection of applied Industrial schools by Regional Joint Director of Training and submission of report: March 2024 to April 2024
  • Review of Inspection and Reports and approval by Commisonerate: May 2024 to June 2024
  • Opening of approved Industrial scholls: July 1st 2024
  • Application Fees ₹ 5000 - Inclusive of all trades and units applied
  • Inspection Fees ₹ 8000
  • Joint Deposit ₹ 250000
  • Last date and time for submitting online application: 29-02-2024 11:59 PM server time.
  • If an existing Industrial school fails to apply for renewal of recognition by the due date, recognition will not be granted for the current academic year and trainees will not be allowed to enroll in the academic year 2024-2025. Admission for trades having renewal of recognition / new Industrial schools / new trades / additional units should be done only after receiving the recognition order.
  • After receipt of the completed application form at the Directorate, all correspondence will be in the name of the Industrial School. Therefore, the address, email, telephone and mobile number of the Industrial school should be mentioned clearly in the application form.
  • The name of the Industrial School should end with Industrial School. For instance - XXX Catering Industrial School. The name of the Industrial School should not end as college or ITI.
  • In case the applied Industrial School is rejected based on not ready for inspection, the inspection fee and application fee paid to the Government account will not be refunded. The inspection fee and application fee paid is valid for the academic year of application only and will not be considered for the next academic year.

Curriculum, Trades and Units

  • A list of long-term Trades and units for Industrial School recognition in the academic year 2024-2025 and the general curriculum is available in the website.
  • In the Curriculum, the list of Tools, Equipments / Machinery are listed for 1+1 units.
  • On the basis of inspection, if recognition is granted to conduct training for 1+1 units then,
  • For one year trades, admissions for 2 units per year can be carried out based on the recognition order.
  • For two year trades, admissions for 1 unit per year can be carried out based on the recognition order.
  • For three year trades, admissions for 1 unit per year can be carried out for the first two years alone based on the recognition order. No admission should be carried out in the third year.
  • In the above cases admission should not be carried out for more than two units in an academic year.
  • On the basis of inspection, if recognition is granted to conduct training for 1 unit alone due to shortage of staff and or other reasons, then,
  • For one year trades, admissions for 1 unit per year can be carried out based on the recognition order.
  • For two year trades, admissions for 1 unit once in Two years can be carried out based on the recognition order. Admission should be carried out for 1 unit for every alternate year only.
  • For three year trades, admissions for 1 unit once in three years can be carried out based on the recognition order. Admission for the next unit can be carried out only after three years.


  • Inspection for recognition of New Industrial Schools / renewal of recognition for existing schools / additional trades / units will be conducted by the Regional Joint Director between 01.03.2024 to 30.04.2024. On the basis of the inspection report submitted by the Regional Joint Director of Training, recognition will be issued by 30th June 2024.
  • If the Industrial school is not ready for inspection on the fixed date, the application will be rejected without conducting the inspection. The rejected application will not be re-examined for any reason.
  • The tools/equipment and machinery listed in the syllabus according to the trade/unit seeking recognition should be shown to the inspecting officer during inspection. A Tools and Equipment register should be maintained in which details of tools, materials / machinery should be recorded. Details such as technical details, price details, quantity, through which company the purchase was made should be recorde in this register. If any of the listed Tools, equipments/machinery listed in the syllabus are not available in stock during inspection, recognition may not be granted.
  • Workshop and classrooms should be RCC Building / Building with cement tiles and should have the necessary accommodation as given in the Syllabus. Industrial schools with roofed premises / temporary roofs will be granted recognition.
  • Guidelines have been given for the space required for workshops and classrooms sector-wise. Workshops and classrooms should be located in these rooms. For example, if the workshop is 500 square feet, it should be a single room of 500 square feet. Two or more rooms combined shall not be shown as 500 sqft..
  • In case of own premises, the copy of the purchase deed should be attached. In case of rental/leased premises the rental/lease agreement deed should be valid for at least five years.
  • Adequate toilet facility / water facility etc. should be made.
  • The Lab/workshops and classrooms should be located in such a way that there is proper ventilation and adequate lighting.
  • In addition to following safety precautions, a fire clearance certificate obtained from the Fire Service Department for the current academic year should be shown to the Inspecting officer at the time of Inspection.
  • Industrial Schools should be ready with all the necessary infrastructure facilities. Sub-buildings like main building, workshop building, principal's room, staff room, office room, classrooms and toilets should be properly constructed. Tools and machinery and related accessories and machinery should be procured as per syllabus.
  • Properly connected machinery with 3-phase electrical connection should be done and kept ready in working condition during inspection. Apart from keeping these prepared according to all the trades/units applied for, the Industrial School should have obtained the appropriate certificate from the Electricity Board according to the electrical capacity mentioned in the syllabus.
  • Each Industrial School shall be self-contained and shall not share buildings/equipment/infrastructural facilities instructors etc., with any other recognized/approved/collaborative educational institution.
  • The educational qualification and age limit for admission to Apprentice Industrial Schools should be as given in the general rule.
  • Details of tools and equipment / machinery required, provided on the website are given for 1+1 units and in case additional units are required, additional tools should be provided accordingly.
  • Copy of Joint Deposit Account Receipt for Rs.2,50,000/- (Rupees Two Lakh and Fifty Thousand Only) of Nationalized Bank. (The Director of Employment and Training and the Correspondent, Name of IS with full address) should be taken together. For Example, The Director of Employment and Training and the Correspondent XXX Industrial School, Anna Nagar, Chennai should be. Should not be in trust or society name..

Documents required during Inspection

  • 1. Downloaded copy of application form.
  • 2. Copy of old recognition order if already recognized and applying for renewal of recognition / additional units.
  • 3. Copy of Account Receipt of Nationalized Bank for Joint Deposit of Rs.2,50,000/-. The joint deposit should include both the Director, Employment and Training, and the Correspondent of the Industrial School (with the address of the Industrial School). For Example, The Director of Employment and Training and the Correspondent XXX Industrial School, Anna Nagar, Chennai. Trust or Should not be in the name of the society.
  • 4. Proof of Building Ownership .
  • a. Copy of Purchase Deed if Own Building.
  • b. Copy of Contracted Rent / Lease Deed (Contract should be for at least 5 years) if Rent / Lease Building.
  • 5. Stability certificate obtained in appropriated forms from Chartered Engineer consisting of Form A, Form B, Form C and Declaration.
  • 6. Tamil Nadu Public Building License should be obtained from the appropriate officer and submitted.
  • 7. Sanitary Certificate should be obtained from the appropriate officer and submitted.
  • 8. Fire clearance certificate from the Fire service department.
  • 9. The certificates mentioned in serial numbers 5 to 8 should be renewed immediately after the expiry of the validity period. An affidavit should be submitted for the same. If the certificates are not renewed, the accreditation of the Industrial school shall be deemed to have ceased with the date of expiry of the certificates.
  • 10. Industrial school's Electrical power connection certificate, EB card copy, Service connection number, power capacity (kW) along with payment details for electricity usage, copy of letter received from Electricity board to confirm power capacity (kW) and copy downloaded from Electricity board website.
  • 11. According to the name of the trades to be started in the Industrial school and the number of units, list of equipment, logistics machinery, required number, available number, percentage details (in appropriate form) should be submitted in order of number in the syllabus.
  • 12. Industrial schools which are already recognized and functioning should have two name boards in front of them in blue color and white letters. The first name board should be 8 feet long and 3 feet high. The name, address and recognition order details of the Industrial school should be marked and kept separately. The second name board shall be 4 feet long and 8 feet high. It should mention the names and units of the recognized trade units, duration of the trade unit, educational qualification for admission and seating capacity. Do not advertise and put up name board as Industrial Training Institute (I.T.I). Failure to do so will result in cancellation of the Industrial school's accreditation without prior notice.
  • 13. Appointment order of appointed Instructors, Joining Report, Certificate copies of educational qualification should be submitted.
  • 14. If other educational institutes are operating inside the campus of the Industrial school under the same administration, their accreditation details should be submitted. Also, details of other Industrial Training Centers / industrial Schools under the control of the same management should be submitted.
  • 15. List of library books should be submitted.
  • 16. Photographs of the facade of the Industrial school building showing classrooms and workshop rooms of all trades, photographs of equipments, furniture and machinery in working order and photographs of washrooms should be uploaded in the website.
  • 17. The blue print plan of the Industrial school building should clearly indicate the workshop and classroom details of the Industrial units with dimensions of length x width and square feet. and Location Map showing the location of the Industrial school.
  • 18. New Industrial Schools should submit a copy of the list of purchase of equipment/equipment.
  • 19. If the applicant is already running a Industrial School / Industrial Training Center at a place other than the Industrial School for which he is currently applying, then complete details of the same should be submitted separately.
  • The Commissioner of Employment and Training Department has full authority to summarily reject the applications found to be deficient in the following aspects.
  • a. above mentioned documents not properly attached.
  • b. lack of documents.
  • c. lack of equipment / machinery.
  • d. lack of proper qualified instructors.
  • e. documents (including photographs) without signature of the Principal.

Other Guidelines

  • The Industrial School cannot be transferred from one place to another without the permission of the Commissioner. In case of transfer to another address after examination of the Industrial school at the specified address and approval based on that, the recognition of the Industrial school will be automatically cancelled. If a transfer is required, the transfer must be made at the beginning of the academic year so as not to affect the student's training. The examination will be conducted within April of the academic year on the application for such change. Admission will be allowed only after approval. If the trainees are admitted without obtaining the approval order then no approval will be given for the admission of the trainees of the Industrial school.
  • No newly accredited Industrial school can incur recurring and non recurring expenditure from the government.
  • The Industrial school should be capable of providing full-time training and 44 hours of training per week for the trades imparting training.
  • Industrial schools recognized by the department are not authorized to issue integrate the recognized trade units operating in the Industrial school and issue certificates like Degree / Diploma separately. If complaints in this regard are received and proved, the recognition of the Industrial school will be cancelled immediately without any information.
  • The syllabus and guidelines approved by the department should be followed. The Director, Employment and Training Department has full authority to modify the syllabus and rules at any time and in any manner in case of need for change according to time.
  • All catering training should be given as separate trainings as per Industrial school system for one year duration. Do not advertise in front of the Industrial school, in newspapers or on notice boards that it offers two or three years degree or diploma training by combining two or three courses together.
  • Govt Gopura symbol should not be used to advertise false news to the general public without the permission of the department. If any false advertisements or brochures are published and come to the notice of the department, the recognition of the Industrial school will be canceled immediately without any prior notice. And criminal action will be pursued if necessary.
  • If you want to advertise in any leading newspaper for Industrial School Trainee recruitment, the information/details to be advertised should be approved by the respective Zonal Associate Director of Training. If untrue and false information is published by the Industrial school and misleads the general public, the accreditation of the Industrial school will be canceled without any prior notice.
  • Private Industrial Schools after their recognition should conduct trainings within due time as per the general syllabus received from the Department. Students are to be prepared for the final examination / general examination conducted by the department in the month of June every year.
  • As per Industrial School General Curriculum, the details of the Industrial training provided under this department is given in the list attached for the academic year 2023-2024. No recognition will be granted by the Department in 2023-2024 for any other trades except the trades in the link. The age limit of the students and the minimum educational qualification for joining the training, for each profession, will be given in detail in the Annexure and notified in the authorization order. Accordingly, only those who have educational qualification and age limit should be included in the training. Educational qualification and age limit are not exempted.
  • Training should be conducted only in recognized trades in recognized Industrial schools. It is not allowed to run trade units which are recognized by other department in the place where recognition is granted.
  • Recognised Industrial schools are not allowed to provide any training or certificate apart from the certificate issued by the department.

News & Events

Important Dates

Stay tuned to the following dates in the application process.

January 02, 2024

Opening of Online Application

For starting of New IS, new courses, additional courses, extension of recognition.

February 29, 2024

Closing of Online Application

Online applications will be closed at 11:59 pm Server time.

June 01, 2024

Opening of Industrial School

Recognition of Industrial School will be issued within the month of May.


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