Our Courses



  •    Colour Wheels and colour schemes
  •   Different Types Of Embroidery Using A Computerized Embroidery Machine And Its Importance
  •   Types Of Needle, Embroidery Threads, Their Uses And Handling Them
  •   Types Of Fabrics
  •   Digitizing Software To Set A Design
  •   Advance Techniques And Special Attachments

  •   Designer
  •   Machine Operator
  •   Punching
  •   Ability To Design On Different Articles
  •   Sequins, Cording, Tapping & Applique

  •   Entry Level :  Frmer, Helper, Machine Helper,Trimmer, Applique Cutter or Fixer Threading for machine
  •   Midlevel :  Machine Operator, Punching Quality MEmbroidery Worker
  •   Senior Level :  Designer, Production Manager, Quality Manager, Pressing Section Incharge, Packing Section Manager, Fabric Inspection Incharge
  •   Garment Factories
  •   Government Institutes
  •   Own Boutique Or Private Boutiques
  •   Voational Institutes And Schools
  •   Self-Employed ( Merchandiser ) And Entrepreneur

  •    Apprenticeship (NAC Certificate)
  •   Diploma Courses Through Lateral Entry
  •   Crafts Instructor Training Scheme (Cits) To Become An Instructor In Itis

Factual knowledge of field of knowledge or study


Recall and demonstrate practical skill, routine and Repetitive in narrow range of application using appropriate rule and tool using quality concepts.


Language to communicate written or oral, with required clarity skill to basic arithmetic and algebraic principles, basic understanding or social political and natural Environment


Responsibility for own work and learning.

  •    Apply Safe working practices.
  •    Comply with environment regulation and housekeeping.
  •    Assist in exigencies and carry out elementary first-aid during emergencies.
  •    Work in a team, understanding and practice softskills. Technical English to communicate with required clarity.
  •    Explain energy conversation global warming and pollution and contribute in day-to day work by primarily using available resource.
  •    Explain personnel finance, entrepreneurship and manage / organize related task In day-to-day work for personal & society growth.
  •    Draw, create & place free hand designs with scribble, Geometrical, cut paper or Signature method.
  •    State & Identify the colour wheel, describe various types of colour, colour schemes & use these colour schemes in different jobs
  •    Demonstrate the Enlarged & Reduced forms of design
  •    Decorate a garment part with a suitable Embroidery design.
  •    Develop the different design for the garment components; sleeves yokes, neck, cuffs.
  •    Identify, operate the Zig-Zag machine embroidery parts, demonstrate set the machine for embroidery
  •    Decorate a cushion cover with embroidery design using Zig-Zag Machine.
  •    Make samples with running stitch, running shade, stain, cording, back stitch. Identification and rectification of defects
  •    Prepare frame fitting for hand aari
  •    Demonstrate locking, starting and finishing of the aari chain stitch, with factual knowledge of different types of materials & stitches.
  •    Prepare samples or coaster through straight curved & sequence lines.
  •    Prepare the sample of drawn & pulled thread, Assisi, Cut, Swiss, shadow work with quality concepts
  •    Prepare the sample of phulkari of Punjab, kantha of Bengal, Kasuto of Karnataka, chikankari of Lucknow, kashida of Kashmir, chamba of Himachal, kutch of Karnataka with quality concepts.
  •    Prepare the sample of single and double cane weaving, fancy net with lazy daizy, cross stitch,circle and button hole network with quality concepts.
  •    Identify, select and troubles hoot the machine with proper maintenance procedure.
  •    Develop the skill to make computerizes design with the application of software.
  •    Setup computerized embroidery machine for transferring the image.
  •    Run the computerized embroidery machine for all the digitizing process
  •    Prepare+-shirt used monogramming & logode sign
  •    Identify, select and apply the digitizing design and use various techniques e.g. appliqué works, sequins work, taping work cording work, chenille work.
  •    Create and designing garments and Accessories in Corel Draw using tools and and accessories in corel draw using tools and commands.
  •    Sean ripper
  •    Thimble
  •    Thread cutter
  •    Colour plate
  •    Colour brush no,00,1,2
  •    Scale plastic12”
  •    Compass.
  •    Trade related software.
  •    Frames/hoops.
  •    Pinking scissors
  •    Applying scissors.
  •    Cutting scissors.
  •    Stencil.
  •    Pick glass.
  •    Water colour.
  •    Eraser pencil graphic
  •    Computerized embroidery machine.