Our Courses



  •   Operate various types of conventional sewing machines
  •   Learn about different types of weaving techniques
  •   Sketch the human body based on eight head theory
  •   Know the importance of colour, colour scheme & color wheel
  •   Learn about surface ornamentation techniques on textiles & use of different painting, painting, printing and needlecraft techniques
  •   The knowledge of working with Computer Aided Design ( CAD ) in apparel

  •    Knowledge of stitching & neat finishing to make a garment
  •    Creativity ot design and sketch patterns for fashion designing
  •    Knowledge of CAD Software
  •    Specialization in pattern making, making, designing accessories for men, women & children

  •   Entry Level :  Tailor, Apprentice, Semi-skilled Technician
  •   Midlevel :  Tailor skilled grade - 1, Special Machine operator, Assistant designer
  •   Senior Level :  Charge man - Ordnance Clothing Factory ( OCF, Avadi ), Self-employment, Entrepreneur
  •    Workshop assistant in government ITIs.
  •   Garment factories as tailor or sample maker
  •    OCF, Avadi as a tailor
  •    Designer in garment manufacturing units

  •    Apprenticeship (NAC Certificate)
  •   Apparel Training & Design Centre (ATDC) for advanced training in fashion Dtechnology
  •    ITI to learn surface ornamentation techniques & embroidery Cafts Instructor Training Scheme (CITS) to become an instructor in ITIs
Fashion Design Technology
Fashion Design Technology
Fashion Design Technology

Factual knowledge of field of knowledge or study


Recall and demonstrate practical skill, routine and Repetitive in narrow range of application using appropriate rule and tool using quality concepts.


Language to communicate written or oral, with required clarity skill to basic arithmetic and algebraic principles, basic understanding or social political and natural Environment


Responsibility for own work and learning.

  •    Response and comply safe working practice, environment regulation and housekeeping.
  •    Explain the concept in productivity, quality tools and labour welfare legislation and applysuch in day to day work to improve productivity and quality tools, and labour welfare legislation and apply such in day today work to improve productivity and quality.
  •    Explain energy conversation, global warming and pollution and contribute in day to day work by optimally using available resources.
  •    Explain personnel finance, entrepreneurship and mange bar organize related task day today work for personal& societal growth.
  •    Plan and execute work related to the occupation.
  •    Software designing.
  •    Patternmaking-drafting and grading
  •    Stitching and finishing.
  •    Draping of garments.
  •    Fashion illustrating/sketching.
  •    Surface ornamentation .
  •   Sketch fashion croqvie of female
  •   Design garments with the help of elements and principle of design
  •   Drape, illustrate fabric rendering and drawing feature
  •   Apply surface ornamentation with embroidery
  •   Identify different fabrics along with waves and knits
  •   Seams and edge finish with operation of sewing machine
  •   Create Bodice Block set & Pattern
  •   Analyse human anatomy with Eight head theory
  •   Create and design fashion
  •   Accessories as per latest trend
  •   Understand the illustrate importance of fashion designing.
  •    Sketch fashion croqui of female and design Garments with the help of elements using Principles of design and colour scheme design and colour scheme
  •    Drape, illustrate fabric rendering and drawing texture.
  •    Apply surface ornamentation with Embroidery, dying printing.
  •    Perform basic stitches, seams and edge finishes with operation of sewing machine.
  •    Identify different fibres and fabrics along with weaves and knits.
  •    Create and designing garments and Accessories in Corel Draw using tools and and accessories in corel draw using tools and commands.
  •    Create bodice block set & patterns and construct samples of design Details
  •    Apply garment details in fashion illustration
  •    Illustrate male and female wear on croqui and develop designer wears based draping technique / sketches as per fashion & style.
  •    Analyse human anatomy with Eight Head theory and different types of body
  •    contour.
  •    Ensure the Quality of production.
  •    Analyse fashion merchandising. Fashion scope and Career Prospect.
  •    Free Hand designing of Fashion accessories as per latest trend.
  •    Dress forms (dummies) and mannequins for draping and test fit
  •    Drafting Table and accessories for pattern making
  •    Desktop with Designing Software
  •    Single needle lock stitch machine
  •    Overlock machine
  •    Flatlock machine
  •    Buttonhole machine.
  •    Bartack machine and accessories for stitching.