Our Courses


  •   Basic electrical circuits, passive & active components and electrical wiring
  •   Analog, digital and power electronic devices and components
  •   Build and test electronic circuits
  •   Measuring instruments and equipment
  •   Basic operations of computer, printer, scanner,tablet,photocopier,smartphones,projectors & video cameras
  •   Operating system & application software
  •   Access the internet using telephone lines and Wi-Fi signals

  •    Skills in chemical, mechanical, electrical, electronic, computer basics & instrumentation.
  •    Skills to troubleshoot, test, repair and calibrate pneumatic, hydraulic, and electronic measuring/recording/controlling equipments

  •   Entry Level :  Apprentice, Semiskilled Technician
  •   Midlevel :  Skilled Technician/Senior Technician, Supervisor
  •   Senior Level :  Shift in-charge, Manager
  •    All process industries (chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, cement and sugar).
  •   Indian oil corporation, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL), Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), and oil refineries
  •    Indian ordnance factory, Aruvankadu,Nilgiri
  •    Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)
  •    Oil & Gas industries in countries like United Arab Emirates & Ǫatar

  •    Apprenticeship (NAC Certificate)
  •   Diploma course and Advanced Diploma (Vocational) courses under Directorate General of Training (DGT) as applicable
  •    Pre-university through National Institute of Open Schooling(NIOS) to acquire higher secondary certificate
Instrument Mechanic
Instrument Mechanic
Instrument Mechanic

Knowledge of facts principles, processes and general concept in a field of work or study.


A range of cognitive and practical skills required to accomplish tasks and solve problems by selecting and applying basic methods, tools, materials and information.


Desired mathematical skills, understanding of social, political and some skill of collecting and Organizing information, communication.


Responsibility for own work and learning and some responsibility for other’s work and learning.

  •    Apply safe working practice
  •    Interpret & use company and technical communication
  •    Interpret & use company and technical communication
  •    Interpret & use company and technical communication
  •    Principles demonstrate perform practical operations
  •    Different application in the field of work
  •    Understand and apply the concept in
  •    productivity utility tools and labour welfare legislation in day-to-day work to improve productivity and quality.
  •    Explain energy conservation global warming
  •    Pollution and contribute in day to day work by optimally using available resources
  •    Explain personal finance, entrepreneurship and manage / organized related task in day-to-day work personal sociality growth.
  •    Internet take benefit IT development in the industry.
Professional Skill Attained by The Trainee Through Practical Training at ITI’s

Precision measuring instruments basic electrical and electronics

Analogy and digital instrument.

Micro processor, Pressure ,Flow, Level,Temperature measurement ,controllers, DCS & SCADA

PLC, hydraulic pneumatic

Analytical instrument

  •    Dimensional accuracy
  •    Identify, test the electrical electronic components data using
  •    Standard parameter *Performance of AC & DC motors and generator
  •    Over hauling ,testing and calibration of instrument trouble shoot various digital circuits and digital instrument
  •    Practice with MS office and software related to instruments
  •    Functional blocks of microprocessor application
  •    Select in stalls, service and calibrated acceleration and vibration.
  •    Unit of pressure, solid flow, level, temperature measurement of servicing and calibration.
  •    Various functional element in control loop
  •    Different modules of DCS&SCADA functional programmed for real application
  •    Fluid and testing hydraulic & pneumatic circuit Service and calibrate of analytical.

Precision velocity instrument

Electrical and Electronic instrument pressure

Flow level temperature recorder instrument controller

Micro processor trainer kit

DCS & SCADA system hydraulic & pneumatic kit