Our Courses



  •    Operate various types of conventional sewing machines
  •   Handle special industrial sewing machines like feed off arm, bar tack machine,buttonhole sewing machine, & shirt folding table overlock machine
  •    Understand the importance & relationship between needle,thread & cloth
  •    Different characteristics of natural fiber, man made fibres, & animal fiber
  •    Properties of various types of fabrics like casement, cambric, sheer, & organic cloth valves
  •    Ability to know the difference between male & female figures
  •   Measure sizes for cutting & pattern making for individual body measurements using measuring tape techniques
  •    Stitching & finishing of a garment
  •    Check for stitching quality
  •    Handle special types of sewing machines
  •    Pattern making using different types of fabric
  •    Troubleshoot glitches in sewing machines and ascertain the cause of operating errors
  •   Entry Level :  Trainee, Semi-skilled Technician, Apprentice, Sewing Machine Operator, Assistant Training Supervisor,Tailor
  •   Midlevel :  Junior Training Officer (JTO), Supervisor, Production Assistant, Special Machine Operator, Tailor skilled in Ordnance Clothing Factory (OCF)
  •   Senior Level :  Training Officer, Shift Incharge, Chargeman – OCF, Entrepreneur, SelF-employed
  •    OCF (Ordnance Clothing Factory), Avadi
  •    Workshop Assistant posts in Government ITI
  •    Garment manufacturing units as a tailor
  •    Sample maker
  •    Instructor in private & government ITIs
  •    Govt. & Private schools as craft instructor
  •    Apprenticeship (NAC Certificate)
  •   Crafts Instructor Training Scheme (CITS) to become an instructor in ITIs
  •   Diploma courses in garment technology
  •   Surface ornamentation technique like embroidery in ITIs
  •   Advance manufacturing technology course in ATDC (Apparel Training & Design Centre)
Sewing Technology

Factual knowledge of field of knowledge or study


Recall and demonstrate practical skill, routine and Repetitive in narrow range of application using appropriate rule and tool using quality concepts.


Language to communicate written or oral, with required clarity skill to basic arithmetic and algebraic principles, basic understanding or social political and natural Environment


Responsibility for own work and learning.

  •    Understand and Explain the concept in quality tools and labour welfare legislation and apply such in day to day work to improve productivity & quality.
  •    Explain energy conservation, global worming and pollution and contribute in day to day work by optimally using available resources.
  •    Explain entrepreneur ship and manage/organize related task in day to day work for personal & societal growth
  •    Understand and apply basic computer working. Basic Operating system and uses internet services to get accustomed & take benefit of DT developments in the industry.
  •    Identification of fabrics and texture, handling of fabrics.
  •    Making wear samples. Practice on industrial single needle lock stitch.
  •    Sewing Machine. Practice on Overlock machine, practice of making seams.
  •    Darts. Pleats, Tucks. Crather and Shirts, frills.
  •    Practice of hand stitches.
  •    Making samples of plackets, pockets, collars, sleeves, Buttons, Hooks, press studs,Ladies suit, pattern making, fabric Estimation, cutting.
  •    Sewing, pressing & folding of sare petticoat.
  •    Practice on special industrial sewing machine.
  •    Double needle machine, Button hole machine.
  •    Button Sewing machine, multipurpose machine (zigzag)
  •    Bar track machine, geed of the arm double needle.
  •    Ladies wear, kids wear, crents wear.
  •    Make hand stitches in the given fabric stitch the following using the given fabric.
  •    Seams with seam finishes.
  •    Dart,Pleat,Tucks,Gather & shears,Frills,Hems,Casing
  •    Edge finishing,Neck line,Placket,Pocket,Collar,Sleeve,Cuff,Dresses for New Born,Dresses for Kids
  •    Sari petticoat
  •    Ladies suit
  •    Night wear (two piece-night suit)
  •    Dress for kids(frock)
  •    Gents casual shirt
  •    Ladies Top/short kurthies
  •    Nightwear (one piecewithyoke).
  •    Sari Blouse (simple model-plain)
  •    Crent’s Trousers.
  •    Pinking shears log shaper
  •    Garment Hangers
  •    Screwdriver set
  •    Pattern punch
  •    Pattern Notcher
  •    Electric Automatic steam press
  •    Sewing machine-single needle.
  •    Over Lock machine.
  •    Zig zag multipurpose machine
  •    Double needle machine
  •    Double needle machine.
  •    Button hole machine.
  •    Button sewing machine.
  •    Feed off the arm double needle.
  •    Dummy lady
  •    Men Kid (different size)