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Embroidery Tailor, Semi-skilled Technician


Embroidery Tailor Computer and Special Machine Operator, Assistant Embroidery Design and Trace Make


Incharge skill work man, Self-employed, Entrepreneur

  •   Operate a embroidery sewing machine
  •   Different types of embroidery techniques
  •   Different type of tracing and design techniques
  •   Knowledge of Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to design apparel
  •   Learn about elements of design
  •   Learn about the importance of colour,colour scheme and colour wheel
  •    Knowledge of embroidery stitches
  •    Creativity to design and sketch paterns knowledge of Computer Aided Design (CAD) software
  •    Knowledge of aari embroidery & needle work
  •    Workshop Assistant in govt. ITIs
  •   Garment manufacturing units as Embroidery Tailor, Sample Embroidery Maker
  •    Ordnance Clothing Factory ( OCF ) - Avadi & Thirupur as Embroidery Tailor
  •    Designer in garment manufacturing unit
  •    Aari embroidery expert to make bridal wear
  •    Apprenticeship (NAC Certificate)
  •   Sewing technician trade in ITIs
  •    Apparel Training and Design Centre (ATDC) for advanced training
  •    Part time courses for tailoring

Factual Knowledge of field of knowledge or study.


Recall and demonstrate practical skill, routine and Repetitive in narrow range of application using appropriate rule and tool using quality concepts.


Language to communicate written or oral, with required clarity skill to basic arithmetic and algebraic principles, basic understanding or social political and natural Environment


Responsibility for own work and learning.

  •    Recognize and comply safe working practices, environment regulation and housekeeping
  •    Work in team, understand and practice softskill, technical English to communicate with required clarity.
  •    Understand and explain the concept in quality tools and labour welfare legislation and apply such in day work to improve productivity and quality
  •    Explain entrepreneurship and manage organize related task in day to day work for personal and society growth.
  •    Understand and apply basic computer working basic operating system and use internet service to get accustomed and take benefit of IT developments in the industry
  •    Prepare the sample of simple, cut and felt appliqué work with quality concepts
  •    Prepare Layout of track, ladies kurta, gents kurta, toper and place them on article.
  •    Carry out estimation and costing of garments.
  •    Practice of different hand aari stitches.
  •    Develop various hand aari design with the help of accessories
  •    Recall and prepare combination Zig-Zag; machine stitches and work style with the appliqué & satin, cording & stem, stem & stain, running & sating, running & satin, shade & satin.
  •    Identify and use embroidery tools with safety precautions.
  •    Prepare sample basic hand stitches (temporary and permanent stitch).
  •    Describe and use different types of tracing method carbon paper, tissue paper, tracing method water soluble per, tracing box (lightbox) hot pressing and wooden block method.
  •    Demonstrate the basic embroidery stitches flat, loop, crossed, knotted and prepare article.
  •    Make a handkerchief with a freehand geometrical, cut paper or signature embroidery design.
  •    Draw, create and place freehand designs with scribble, geometrical cu tpaper or signature method.
  •    State and identify the color wheel, describe various types of color schemes and use these color schemes in different jobs.
  •    Demonstrate the enlarged and reduced forms of designs.
  •    Demonstrate the enlarged and reduced forms of designs.
  •    Identity separate jip jag machine embroidery parts, demonstrate set the machine for embroidery.
  •    Make samples with running stitch running shade, satin cording, back stitch identification and rectification of defects
  •    Decorate a cushion cover with embroidery design using jip jag machines.
  •    Develop the different design for the garment components, sleeves yokes, neck, cuffs Prepare frame fitting for hand Aari.
  •    Demonstrate locking, starting and finishing of the Aari chains stitch, with factual knowledge of different types of materials and stitches
  •    Prepare samples or coaster through straight curved and sequence lines.
  •    • Decorate a sari be hand Aari method with sequence work.
  •    Shears
  •    Seam ripper
  •    Thimble wooden circular frame 4”, 8” and 12 thread cutter
  •    Scale plastic 12” compass
  •    Cotton fabric
  •    Zig-zag embroidery machine
  •    Aari machine
  •    Computerized embroidery machine
  •    Pliers scissors complete set.
  •    Motorized stitching machine.
  •    Overlock machine
  •    Pinking shears log shaper
  •    Garment Hangers
  •    Screwdriver set
  •    Pattern punch
  •    Pattern Notcher
  •    Electric Automatic steam press
  •    Sewing machine-single needle.
  •    Over Lock machine.
  •    Zig zag multipurpose machine
  •    Double needle machine
  •    Double needle machine.
  •    Button hole machine.
  •    Button sewing machine.
  •    Feed off the arm double needle.
  •    Dummy lady
  •    Men Kid (different size)