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Pullambadi is a town panchayat situated in Trichy District of Tamil Nadu. It is on the way from Trichy to Ariyalur. The name “Pullambadi” means place where birds sing all the time. The fields of this town are fed by Water Channels from the river “Cauvery”.

Lord Chidambareswara Temple which is built by Kulothunga Chola I is main attraction. Recent Excavations of inscriptions at Temple reveals many Historical events during Early Chola period. Now the age of temple is around 950 years.

 A Devi Temple called Kulunthalamman (Selli amman) is also a pride of this little town.  The  Festival of the same is celebrated with traditional pomp and glory  during April / May and is famous in Tiruchirapalli District after Festival of Samayapuram Mariamman Temple.

Agriculture is the main occupation and Paddy is main crop grown in this region. Pullambadi Canal passes through the town. This canal was constructed by Mr.K. Kamaraj Former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu during the 1960s. This was one of the biggest irrigation projects in Tamil Nadu.