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Virudhunagar is a city in the state of Tamilnadu,in India, is Trading and Merchant  blessing the city with a pleasant climate all year round.Virudhunagar is District in Leading into Country with Match Industry. Fireworks and Printing Mostly Concentrated in and around Sivakasi.  Virudhunagar is Main Market for oil, Coffee and pulses. In Rajapalayam Ginning factories, Spining Mills, Powerloom and Handloom Industries.The Govt.ITI Virudhunagar has an excellent infrastructure facilities like spacious buildings, fully equipped laboratories, workshops, computer labs with broadband internet connectivity, and well-qualified,experienced and dedicated instructors.

Now this city is gaining more stimulation, fore & activity for progress and spaces for Special Economic Zone  have been embarked. This will increase the employment opportunities. The city is well developed and offers every facility for education, health care and entertainment.
Virudhunagar is well connected by Rail and road routes. Located in the Tirunelveli high ways, this Institution is 6 Kilo meters from Virudhunagar Railway Junction.

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Government Industrial Training Institute, Sulakkarai, Virudhunagar – 626003,  Tamil Nadu, India, is managed by Government of Tamil Nadu, Department of Employment and training headed by the Director of employment and training. Service is our strength. With high quality training methodology, with a dedicated faculty team, the quality and efficiency of our training is assured. Thus we always go ahead with a step forward.