The term Desk Top Publishing is commonly used to describe page layout skills. This combines a personal computer & Page layout software to create publication documents on a computer for either large scale publishing or small scale local economical multifunction peripheral output & distribution. Users create page layouts with text, graphics, photos, & other visual elements using software such as QuarkXPress, Adobe In-design, Page Maker, Apple pages, the free scribes and any graphics software or word processor that combines editable text with images. For small jobs a few copies of a publication might be printed on a local printer. For larger jobs a computer file can be sent to a vendor for high-volume printing.


On completion of course the trainee should be able to:-

Operate Computer and Peripheral Independently.
Learn about Graphic art Techniques.
Design Logos, Cover pages, Advertisements, Letter heads etc.
Create various types of layout with Formatting
Create Illustration images, Pictures, for various formats meant for printing purpose.

Job Role:

DTP Aoperator in any print and book publishing houses or self employment.
Graphic Designer, Graphic Artists, Design Executives in advertising agencies, print media houses.
Re-toucher in Photo Studio, Visualiser , Quality Executive, Pre-press Professional in Newspaper/Magazines/ Flex Industries.
Instructors in training Institutes.