Message from Our People

The world today faces an absolute scarcity for skilled manpower. India has enormous manpower, which has to be transformed into skilled workforce of world standards. India crowded with major Industries in and around has been a hub for employing training workforce for a long time. The work force needed by the industries are for long being satisfied by trained ITI graduates from Government Industrial Training Institute, Sembodai. We at Government ITI, Sembodai are committed to the process of training youth to the standards needed by the Industries. I am proud to lead a bunch of dedicated well trained staff members committed to our vision “Youth Empowerment Through Vocational Training”. The Institute Management Committee has done a constructive role in leading this institute to success.

I hope this site gives a clear picture of our activities.

With Regards
Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Sembodai, Vedaranyam
To every manufacturing or Engineering Industry, basic level industrial trained labours are the backbones and with their full-fledged work only a company could thrive.

As the Chairman of IMC at Government Industrial Training Institute, Sembodai, whenever I go around the Workshop I find all types of machines are used for training and proper training is given to all Students.

In my view, This institute has been improving Organically and inorganically day by day. I wish the parents in and around the District to make use of the improved facilities available in this Institute and make their ward to get the best benefit out of it.

I wish this Industrial Training Institute, Sembodai a great success in its every effort in the developments of Industrial Training.

With Regards,
CGM (Mechanical)
ONGC Karaikal
Government Industrial Training Institute, Sembodai located in one of the highly populous area has been working hard towards excellence. Coming under the Trichy Regional of Directorate of Employment and Training has done well not only in the past but also now in training ITI graduates as a disciplined, skilled work force of the Nation.

I wish them all success in their goals.

With Regards,
Regional Joint Director, I/C