Our Courses


  •    Draw plane geometry based requirements, orthographic projections,architectural symbols, and lettering
  •    Draw basic shapes using Auto CAD (Computer-aided design software) Learn to use AutoCAD to prepare a plan, elevation, section of single / double storeyed building in accordance with corporation by laws.
  •    Make an ammonia print. Read and interpret a structural drawing. Prepare a site plan with landscape elements
  •    Draw 3D models using the SketchUp software
  •    Knowledge of a 3D kmodel rendering software and ability to create 3D walkthroughs and animation views prepare a drawing in Building information Modeling (BIM) software like Autodesk Revit
  •    Knowledge of Photoshop Architectural Rendering to create and edit images

  •    Prepare an Approval Building Drawing along with landscape elements using AutoCAD.
  •    Prepare a 3D Model and Billing of Quantity (BoQ) using BIM software(Revit Architecture)
  •    Understanding about workplace safety and environmental regulations

  •   Entry Level :  Trainee, Semi-skilled Architectural Draughtsman, Apprentice
  •   Midlevel :  Skilled Trainee, Architectural Draughtsman, Site Supervisor
  •   Senior Level :  Senior Architectural Draughtsman, Senior Site Supervisor,Self-Employment, Entrepreneur
  •    Workshop Assistant in government and private ITIs.
  •    Jobs in state government like Public Works Department (PWD), Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA), Tamil Nadu Housing Board (TNHB), Tamil Nadu Town and Country Planning (TTCP), and Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board (TNSCB)
  •    Central government jobs in Railways, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), and Central Leather Research Institute (CLRI)
  •    Public sector undertakings
  •    Interior design and multinational companies
  •    Job opportunities in construction companies abroad

  •    Apprenticeship (NAC Certificate)
  •    Craft Instructor Training Scheme (CITS) to become an Instructor in an ITI
  •    Diploma courses by lateral entry.

Knowledge of facts, principle, process and general concepts in a field of work or study.


Prepare drawings of buildings, parks, gardens, and monuments etc., from sketches. Prepare according to approved sketches showing plan,elevation, settings arrangements etc., as necessary. Prepare architectural designs, estimate schedules for material and labor. Prepare perspectives designs and render them in color of monochrome. Prepare model of constructions work.


Desired mathematical skill understanding of social, political and some skill of collecting and organizing information, communication.


Responsibility for own work and learning and some responsibility for other’s work and learning.

  •    Apply safe working practices
  •    Comply with environment regulation and housekeeping
  •    Work in team, understand and practice soft skills, technical
  •    English to communicate with required clarity
  •    To improve productivity and quality.
  •    Contribute in day to day work by optimally using resources.
  •    Explain personal finance,entrepreneurship and manage/organize related
  •    Task in day to day work for personnel and social growth.
  •    Prepare types of Foundation,Doors and Windows, Lintels ,Arches, Roofs ,Floors,Staircase,etc.,
  •    Prepare design procedure of Residential building.
  •    Prepare plan,elevation and section of the residential building ,and the site plan with landscape.
  •    Prepare Final project work applying advance CAD commands and File management.
  •    Prepare preliminary drawing of the Design project in AUTOCAD.
  •    Prepare sanction drawing with local authority bye laws.
  •    Read and interpret structural drawing
  •    Prepare final design drawing in AUTOCAD
  •    Prepare 3D model by sketch up software along with rendering, walk through, animated view.
  •    Prepare working drawing set to the site to execution
  •    Prepare the Anthropometrics & ergonomics of commercial building.
  •    Prepare Standard sizes of outdoor movements like swimming pool , basket ball court, badminton court, play area etc.,
  •    Prepare design and the site plan with landscape of Residential Apartment/Primary School in AUTOCAD.
  •    Prepare 3 D model and BOQ using BIM software (REVIT ARCHITECTURE)
  •    Prepare rendering in Photoshop.
  •    Prepare working drawing –via, Kitchen layout, electrical layout ,Plumbing Layout, Door, Window and Ventilator details.
  •    Prepare design-concept and visualization of design.
  •    Desk top computer
  •    Plotter (A0 Size)
  •    Multi function Laser color printer ( A3 Size).
  •    Land connectivity
  •    Internet connection
  •    LCD projector with screen / LED display with inbuilt computer with screenCAD software /CAD within built BIM
  •    Interactive Board.
  •    USP.
  •    Hand tools - Parallel bar
  •    Adjustable set square
  •    French curve
  •    Flexi curve
  •    Furniture Template
  •    Metric Tape
  •    Beam compass.