Our Courses



  •    Typing speed - 25 words per minute for English, 30 words per minute for regional language with 95% accuracy
  •   Shorthand speed-80 words per minute for English, 100 words per minute for regional language with 95% accuracy
  •    Communication Skills
  •    Credibility and trustworthiness as stenographers handle confidential legal documents and proceedings

  •   Proficiancy in English speaking
  •   Grammar and intricacies of concerned language english or regional language
  •   Knowledge of legal or medical terminology - basis of organization requirement


Vacancies for stenographers are available from time to time at different Government Ministries and Institutions. They are advertised by SSC,UPSC for various departments and organizations Apart from government institutions, there are plenty of oppartunities in the private sector too.

  •   Entry Level :  Secratary, Personal Assistant/Executive Assistant, Computer Operator,Data Operator, Typist
  •   Midlevel :  Company Secratary, Office Administration / Coordination, Front Desk Executive
  •   Senior Level :  Execute Administrative Secretary



  •   Finance and Accounts
  •   Book-Keeping
  •   Office Administration/MAnagement
  •   Hospitality
  •   Retail
  •   Front- Desk Operations


  •   Tally
  •   Accounts
  •   Modern Office Management
  •   Spoken English
  •   Modern Office Management
Stenographer Secretarial Assistant

    Factual Knowledge of field of knowledge or study.


    Recall and demonstrate practical skill, routine and Repetitive in narrow range of application using appropriate rule and tool using quality concepts.


    Language to communicate written or oral, with required clarity skill to basic arithmetic and algebraic principles, basic understanding or social political and natural Environment


    Responsibility for own work and learning.

  •    Apply safe working practices.
  •    Comply environment regulation and housekeeping.
  •    Interpret & use company and technical communication.
  •    Understand and apply the concept in productivity, quality tools, and labour welfare legislation in day to day work to improve productivity & quality.
  •    Explain energy conservation, global warming And pollution and contribute in day to day work by optimally using available resources.
  •    Explain personnel finances, entrepreneurship and manage / organize related task in day-to-day work for personal & societal growth.
  •    Correspond through emails, phone and faxes.
  •    Maintaining and updating filing systems.
  •    Coordinating with department heads to ensure smooth of the organization.
  •    Handling day-to-day administrative duties of the organization.
  •    Making arrangement for meetings, conference and seminars.
  •    Handling various activities within and outside the organization
  •    Taking dictation in shorthand and operating typewriter for transcribing dictated materials.
  •    Handled and maintained correspondence files and other official documents.
  •    Made travel bookings for domestic and international services
  •    Drafted business letters in clear and precise manner for easy understanding.
  •    Coordinated business meetings and wrote minutes of meetings in shorthand.
  •    Handled confidential information of the organization.
  •    Prepared reports and documents for inter-department.
  •    Handled day-to-day activities of the organization.
  •    Prepared various presentations for the management team.
  •    Describe the computer hardware & its peripherals.
  •    Identify the various joining consonants, vowels and its application.
  •    Construct the various words to maintain the position of long, short, dot, dash, preceding, following & intervening vowels.
  •    Recognize the various types of computer keys & prepare a complete sentence with use of logo grams, grammalogues, contraction, tick the & punctuation.
  •    Prepare Window operating system on computer
  •    Observe thick R&l, Abbreviated w, semi circle y, Diaphone u and tell the sitting posture on computer
  •    Recognized small circle for S & Z, large circle for SW/large loop & small loop /understand MS-Word by using all tools.
  •    Recognize the direction of SHR & SHL.
  •    Observed curved hook and compound consonant.
  •    Recognize different types of hook.
  •    Develop new sentences apply halving principles & Doubling principles.
  •    Apply the prefixes.
  •    Apply the suffixes.
  •    Identify the monetary units & use it.
  •    Produce the simple letter.
  •    Translate all types of sentences.
  •    Experiment the MS-Excel.
  •    Label the office layout.
  •    Name the dispatch and diary register & express computer virus.
  •    Identify all types of file & experiment MS-Powerpoint.
  •    Describe MS-Powerpoint presentation.
  •    Prepare MS powerpoint.
  •    Create E-Mail ID
  •    Identify all types of official tools & equipments.
  •    Observe all types of postal services.
  •    Prepare all types of letter .D
  •    Typewriter
  •    Computer
  •    Xerox
  •    Scanner
  •    Duplicator
  •    FAX
  •    Internet
  •    Email Filing
  •    Equipment.
  •    Mailing equipment & Printer.